Emotionally Intelligent Leadership



You were meant to be a leader. Now the question is how do you become one? The answer lies in the 21st century’s most vital skill, emotional intelligence. Learn to lead and succeed with emotional intelligence through this transformative and innovative leadership journey, brought to you by field pioneers, E.I. Games.


To succeed in business and life (despite what you may have been told) you do not need to be a power hungry shark. Be a new kind of leader, a better kind of leader, a leader who transforms and inspires those around you and learn to lead with emotional intelligence.

This leadership journey is divided into three parts. First off, to prepare you in your leadership journey you will first be introduced to the EQ Leadership video course, which will provide priceless information and advice brought to you by industry expert and New York Times bestseller, Kevin Allen. Next, you will be tasked to complete a self directed course in order to deepen your understanding, provide guidance and inspire you all at your own pace. Your leadership journey will then come to a triumphant close with E.I. Games’ award winning leadership simulation. In this insightful, intriguing and award-winning game, you will put to use concepts you have already learned, while gaining more knowledge along the way.

You were meant to be a leader, now it’s your time to become one.

Key topics

  • How to foster productive and emotionally intelligent networks that inspire people and drive unrivaled performance.
  • How to establish a common belief-system built around an emotionally charged mission.
  • How to understand, support and direct the motivations of your people into a shared and cohesive path of emotional unity.
  • How to apply emotional intelligence to problem solving and show confidence in navigating through challenging times.
  • How to apply storytelling to build sustainable motivation and effective stewardship of the team along the journey

Belhaven University PLA Credits Assessed: 1

*Note, there is a maximum number of PLA credits that may be applied toward a degree program.  Refer to the Belhaven University website for the latest on PLA policies.