About Envisage Global

Envisage Global provides high-demand skills courses that are assessed by our University partners for college credit through a process called Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). Through these University alliances, Envisage Global brings together industry experts and educational opportunities for anyone wishing to gain new skills and advance their education.  As a result, many certificates earned through Envisage Global can also be applied as academic credit toward our University partner undergraduate degree programs.

Envisage Global is unique by virtue of its relationships with industry experts as well as its affiliation with University partners. The trends are clear: ancillary to degree programs, a significant number of learners are seeking certificates, certifications, and badges that can be immediately applied to achieve career and personal goals.

Envisage Global is well positioned to meet the skill development needs industry requires of employees, and students desire to differentiate themselves. Our strategic partnership with best-in-class industry experts and University academics, enhances our quality and provides education options consistent with near-term demand for practical application of academic theory.

Meet The Envisage Global Team

Envisage Global Leadership

President, CEO & Founder

Dr. Ray Powers

Dr. Ray Powers is the President and CEO of Envisage Global.  Envisage provides a broad range of “continuing education” and “work force development” options for individual learners, large corporate training initiatives, and international education collaborations.  Strategic alliances with universities, curriculum development entities, and world-class training partners, provides current and relevant practical application of academic theory to the benefit of both individuals and enterprise.  Training options are independently evaluated for college credit equivalency allowing for delivery of high-quality and uniquely differentiated certificates, certifications, and badges. 

Dr Powers has extensive practitioner experience with over 30 years in a Fortune 50 corporate environment, followed by notable academic credentials as a Professor and a Dean in the Forbes School of Business at the University of Arizona Global Campus, and as the founder and Chair of the Forbes School of Business Board of Advisors.  Dr. Powers holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, an Master’s degree in Education, a Master’s degree in Psychology, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Executive Vice President, Curriculum Development & Partner Relations

Dr. Paula Zobisch

My business and academic backgrounds bring a wealth of experience I love sharing with students. Whether working with corporate managers, employees or students, the most exciting and fulfilling part of any of my jobs is the ability to help each person reach a little closer to their dreams and goals.

Credentials & Work History:

Ph.D. Education (Adult), Master in Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Marketing; and Master of Arts in Organizational Development & Leadership with a specialization in Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Director of Marketing for a 3M Distributor for 12 years; Program Director for an undergraduate entrepreneurship degree; U. S. Army Veteran

Executive Vice President, Operations & Corporate Relations

Amanda Jones

I proudly wear my “Jane of all Trades” badge with the experience that I bring in my Operations and Corporate Relations role. In my experience, I go by the philosophy of “anything is possible.” Those who know me, have seen that I will do everything in my power to put all great ideas into action and with optimal efficiency through automation wherever possible.

Credentials & Work History:

BA Justice Studies – Arizona State University, MBA specialization in Finance -Ashford University, Master of Accountancy (pursuing) – University of Arizona Global Campus

Manager of Operations, Zovio Employer Services; Corporate Partnerships, Bridgepoint Education; Academics, Ashford University and University of Phoenix; Accountant; also worked in healthcare, real estate, restaurant and retail.

Regional Director of African Relations

Vivian Machanury

Vivian Machanury currently resides in Kimilili, Kenya. Vivian’s passion includes empowering youth and young adults to obtain an education and pursue their own passions and interest. Vivian is a founding member of Famconnect Therapy Center in Kenya. The organization offers counseling, training and research services.

Vivian is actively involved with the local community and frequently works with local orphanages to support youth development and educational programming. Vivian works with teens from various schools in a youth mentorship program that holistically prepares them to be college and university ready. Through various counseling programs she helps the children develop a positive perception of self and strengthen their resolve to excel in life. Her mantra is, ‘Healing Hearts and Inspiring Individuals.’

Credentials & Work History:

From 2004- 2019 she worked with Safaricom PLC in various roles and gained invaluable experience in Retail Operations, Sales and Marketing, People Management, Coaching and Training and most importantly Customer Experience. 

Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Sociology from Kenyatta University, and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology (ongoing) from African Nazarene University in Kenya.

Executive Consultants

President of Belhaven University, Author

Dr. Roger Parrott

Roger is one of America’s most experienced university presidents, leading Belhaven University, a doctoral level institution, highly regarded as one of only 36 schools in the world working at the highest level of collegiate Arts programs. Belhaven was named in 2021 to “Best University to Work For” by the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Roger was recognized as one of “The 10 Most Visionary Education Leaders of 2021” by Education Magazine.

For a quarter-century he served in board leadership roles with Lausanne Movement and The Mission America Coalition and was chairman of the 2004 Forum for World Evangelization. He is the author of Opportunity Leadership: Stop Planning and Start Getting Results, and The Longview: Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders.

Roger has been a sought-after consultant to over 100 different ministries, and has experience serving on boards of international, national, and local ministries and non-profits, as well as higher education leadership organizations.

Roger has served the broader Church as a member of the Board of Mission America, a coalition of 100 denominations and 750 service ministries who have joined together for cooperative evangelism in America.  His board service has given Roger extensive international experience around the world, with deep University and personal ties to South Korea especially.

Former Minister of Education for Nigeria and Founder & Chairman of Board of Trustees of Ihechukwu Madubuike Institute of Technology (IMIT)

Professor Ihechukwu Chiedozie Madubuike

Professor Ihechukwu Chiedozie Madubuike is a former Minister of Education for Nigeria and the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ihechukwu Madubuike Institute of Technology (IMIT).  The institute is committed to making education accessible to all qualified students, facilitating the administration of grant-funded research, and advocating for broad reform in higher education.  During his tenure as the Minister of Education, he was instrumental in development of the policy establishing Federal Universities of Science and Technology in Nigeria, which provided the platform for States and individuals to establish universities with the approval of the National Universities Commission.  This initiative helped to revolutionize the status of higher education in Nigeria.

Dean for School of Journalism & Digital Media of the University of The Gambia, International Program Director for SDIG, President of Assoc. of African Women R&D (AAWORD), Novelist & Poet

Dr. Morolake Omowumi Adekunle

Morolake Omowumi Adekunle has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language, a Master’s degree in Literature in English and a Doctorate degree in Communication and Language Arts. She has worked for many years with development organizations empowering vulnerable rural West-African populations, the youth and women. She is a researcher, training specialist and gender advocate.

She is also a novelist and a poet.

Currently, Dr. Adekunle is the Dean of the School of Journalism and Digital Media of the University of The Gambia; the International Programme Director for the Systemic Diversity and Inclusion Group (SDIG), USA, the president for Association of African Women for Research and Development (AAWORD) The Gambia and the Board Chair of Total Development International Foundation, Nigeria and Ghana.

Founder and CEO
Accexx Insight LLC. (dba Alexander Education Systems)

Dr. Laide R. Alexander

An award-winning Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Laide R. Alexander is recognized in the education industry for 25+ years of business growth success, executive leadership, and superior outcomes and compliance. Delivering a consistent record of extraordinary results in stakeholder relations, financial management, and talent development, she employs her balanced leadership approach to transform key operational aspects and optimize business outcomes with high-quality standards.

Dr. Alexander has held several executive positions in the education industry, including campus leadership roles, regional and national roles, college president roles, and several other operations roles. Her most recent position was Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Success for an engineering and technical college. Laide is passionate about equity in education and changing the way we see education. She believes in creating methodologies that will ensure the applicability of learned content rather than just reading to pass a grade.

Dr. Alexander is the Founder and CEO of Accexx Insight, LLC., the parent company of Alexander Education Systems, LLC (AES), and continuously engages in professional development and relationship-building, she served on advisory boards of many local and international organizations; and has volunteered her time as a Founder/Board Member of TouchOneProject.

Director of Public & Private School Programs for the Sold Out Youth Foundation

Jennifer Annes

Jennifer is currently serving as the Director of the Sold Out Youth Foundation Public and Private School Programs. She has over 25 years experience working and volunteering with youth and teens in school programs, non-profits, foster care and at risk programs, and churches. She has worked in corporate and community relations and supported nonprofits with a special focus on social emotional health, mental health and wellness, and also worked as director of a crisis line providing 24/7 services and while leading a team of 75 volunteers. She is passionate about finding ways to help provide the opportunity for all youth to reach their full potential. 

WTO Representative in Geneva & Consultant in Belgium

Therese Baptiste

Therese Baptiste is a dynamic personality who is an advocate of the Envisage mission to support global education by providing innovative knowledge and skill training options to individuals, private enterprise, public sector entities, and non-profit organizations.

Therese Baptiste is an education proponent; a former United Nations Ambassador & Permanent Representative to the WTO in Geneva, Switzerland; served as a Cabinet Minister of Health for Trinidad & Tobago; and held executive positions in industry at Cornelis & Associates LTD. In Trinidad.

In the world of academia, she is a resident consultant in Belgium and has served as a full time lecturer at the University of West Indies; and as an adjunct professor for United International Business School (EU) in Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Italy.  She serves on several advisory boards and provides Envisage invaluable insight into cultural, political, and socio-economic issues associated with our global education initiatives.

International Economic & Marketing Strategist, Leader in Logistics & Pharmaceutical Industries, Academic Administrator, Professor, Author

Dr. Dena Bateh

Dr. Bateh is a recognized leader and international scholar in higher education. Dr. Bateh has authored several articles, three textbooks, and presents at conferences worldwide, where she often trains and consults global executives.

Prior to transitioning to a career in higher education Dr. Bateh held leadership positions in the logistics and pharmaceutical industries for over fifteen years. Since 2008, Dr. Bateh has achieved excellence in higher education as an Academic Administrator and Professor of International Business & Economics at several institutions of higher education including New York University.

Dr. Bateh is also an active scholar at the HIT (Healthcare Information Technology) Lab at Columbia University, and the editor and contributing author to several academic journals such as the European Scientific Journal. Dr. Bateh’s expertise in the field of International Economics can be recognized through her authorship of articles, textbooks, and conference presentations worldwide. Her areas of expertise also include Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship. Integrated Marketing, Globalization and Organizational Behavior. In recognition of her academic excellence. Dr. Bateh was awarded the CAES Award for Learning and Development from New York University. Dr. Bateh was chosen as the Faculty of the Year by several academic institutions.

Dr. Bateh maintains many affiliations including the International Marketing Association, the International Management Association and the African Econometrics Society. Dr. Bateh hopes to expand the influence of her position, both domestically and internationally by helping young scholars in achieving their goals.

Founder of Fintocat & Anyallergyfood, Teacher, Certified B.leader at B Lab Benelux, Lector in Entrepreneurship and Mentorship Internationally

Charlotte Christensen

Charlotte grew up in Denmark and has had career roles in several countries from the USA to Singapore.  She now lives in Luxembourg and has both Danish and Luxembourg nationality.

Her background is in financial services and she works closely with Fintech and other IT solution providers. Charlotte also has extensive experience in international project management including global operations delivery management and partner management roles.

Charlotte founded Fintocat in 2017, and as the co-founder and partner, has served in a variety of entrepreneurial roles. Additionally, she is a faculty member and guest lecturer in social and sustainable entrepreneurship, and mentors startups and aspiring founders, both internationally and locally.

As the founder of Anyallergyfood, she is passionate about working with those that have food challenges and assists with individual recommendations of food choices, helping her clients rediscovers the pleasure of eating healthy, quality food.

Charlotte is recently certified as B.leader with B Lab Benelux and a member of the female board pool in Luxembourg, as well as a member of the American Chamber of Commerce entrepreneurial committee in Luxembourg.

President & CEO of Technology-for-Humanity, Designed & Implemented Premier Project Sectoriet de l’Education in Ruanda, and Professor of Networking, Cybersecurity, Computer Science, and Math

Dr. Godson Chukwuma

Dr. Godson Chukwuma has a passion for advancing the cause of education in a meaningful way using technology. Dr. Chukwuma is the president and CEO of Technology-for-Humanity, Nigeria based organization with the vision to provide sustainable assistance to humanity by using the application of technology.

In the line of passion for education for developing countries, Dr. Chukwuma designed and implemented ‘Premier Project Sectoriet de l’Education’ in Ruanda, for the ministry of education, networking project, funded by the World Bank. Dr. Chukwuma carried out several IT-capacity Building Project in various parts of Africa, including Nigeria, Ghana, The Gambia, Ethiopia etc. – specifically empowering women and youths to be self –starters, funded jointly by the federal republic of Nigeria, internal affairs and the African development Bank.

Dr. Chukwuma currently serves as professor of networking and Cybersecurity at Prince Georg’s Community College, Largo MD, USA and Adjunct professor in the department of Computer Science, Math and Cybersecurity, Webster University – Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling DC and Fort Belvoir, VA Campuses.

Prior to assuming the former positions, Dr. Godson Chukwuma served as a Member of Technical Staff – Bell Communications Research- New Jersey. Senior Systems Engineer with Computer Systems Automation Inc.  Rockville MD and Associate Dean and Head of department of The Computer Information Systems, Strayer University, Rockville, MD USA.

American Investor & Educator, Author, Business & Leadership Coach

Bob Daugherty

Bob Daugherty is an American Investor and Educator. He started his career at JP Morgan completing the Morgan Finance Program. He held positions of increasing responsibility at Merrill Lynch, Computer Sciences Corp, and GE Capital. Bob has led private equity and venture capital transactions and has traded public securities. Having served on over 2 dozen corporate boards, Bob coaches directors on capital allocation and creating shareholder value. He has been actively involved in a number of organizations including the Academy of Management, American Statistical Association, NAFSA, and the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). His philanthropic efforts are focused on supporting girls education in developing parts of the world.

Educated at Harvard where he received a BA in Economics, Bob was awarded the prestigious John Harvard Scholarship for Academic Distinction his senior year which is given to students whose grade point average is in the top 5% of the entire college. He earned a Master of Arts in American Studies from Columbia University and a Master of Philosophy in Management from the Judge Institute at Cambridge University.

In 2010, Bob became the President & CEO of the Jack Welch Management Institute, named the #1 online MBA by CEO Magazine. In 2013, was named a Fulbright Scholar and in 2014 was a visiting scholar at the University of San Diego. From 2015 to 2021, he was the Dean of Forbes School of Business & Technology and served as a professor of strategy & finance. His research/teaching interests are capital allocation, strategy, and leadership. Bob has been published in academic journals and mainstream media, including a regular column in Forbes China on education and investing. He co-authored How to Build a High Performing Single Family Office, available on Amazon.

President of Synergy Learning Institute, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Award-winning Author, Pro Volleyball/Basketball Athlete

Dr. Julie Ducharme

As a change maker, Dr. Julie Ducharme has dedicated her career to empower and support people in their endeavors and dreams. People from all over, including the corporate sector and those returning to the workforce, have taken the advice and guidance of Dr. Julie and learned how to use their strengths to maximize their work/life success. Her unique speaking style ignites the passion inside us all and makes that tiny spark into a blaze of empowerment. Using her experiences as a former professional athlete to bring true authentic talks to variety of groups from Corporations to highschools. 

Dr. Julie has become a national best selling author, recognized by INC magazine, hosts a podcast, numerous TV appearances with CBS, ABC, and Fox, a professional public speaker, and a serial entrepreneur. Her most recent book is Leading by my Ponytail: Why Can’t I Wear Pink and Be the President was named by INC Magazine, the top 60 leadership books for women.

Dr. Julie is passionate about our nation’s veterans and her most recent venture is the start of a 501(c)3 Synergy Learning Institute. This nonprofit provides one of a kind courses such as “Combat Boots to Heels” for veteran’s transitioning from their military careers to the civilian workforce. This program is offered free to all veterans. Portions of Dr. Julie’s speaking fees go directly to the program and the veterans.

Award-Winning Chief Learning Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, & Thought Leader for the Talent, Learning, and Organization Development Field, Author

Dr. Tamar Elkeles

Tamar was most recently the Chief Human Resources Officer for XCOM Labs, a wireless technology company propelling the next mobile technology revolution. Previously, she was Chief Talent Executive at Atlantic Bridge Capital, a global venture capital fund focused on technology investments. Prior to this role, Tamar was the Chief People Officer for Quixey, a Silicon Valley tech start-up and before that spent 25 years as the Chief Learning and Talent Officer at Qualcomm.  

As CHRO, Tamar led all Human Resources globally, including talent acquisition, talent development, compensation, benefits, HR systems, organization design, employee communications and worldwide HR operations. In her tenure as Chief Learning Officer she helped grow Qualcomm into one of the most successful companies in the world. Her scope  of leadership included talent strategy, global learning, executive/leadership development, technical development, employee communications, organization development, acquisition integration, organizational transformation, talent management, culture & engagement, emerging technologies and mobile learning for Qualcomm’s global workforce.

Tamar authored the first book on the CLO’s  role: “The Chief Learning Officer” (2011) and in 2013, co-authored the book “Measuring the Success of Learning Through  Technology. Her book, “The Chief Talent Officer”, was released in 2017 and her most recent book “Forward Focused  Learning” was released in December 2020. 

Tamar is currently on the Board of Directors of G3VRM Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: GGGV), the Forbes School of Business & Technology Board, The CLO Magazine Editorial Board and the ATD Chief Talent Development Officer (CTDO Next) Board.

President of Sold Out Youth Foundation

Roman Gabriel III

Roman Gabriel III is the President of the Sold Out Youth Foundation, an innovative fitness, health, and wellness school mobile engagement learning platform. He’s a former pro football quarterback, and college football coach. Since 1994 the Roman Gabriel Media Brand has delivered faith, family, and sports stories of high impact difference-makers from the world of sports and entertainment www.romangabrielshow.com. Roman is a motivational speaker to schools, corporations, civic and faith groups, and youth and sports organizations.  He’s spent a lifetime in pursuit of educating, encouraging, and challenging our next generation of leaders—students.  The Foundations mission is to equip students for success without the use of drugs and alcohol, and challenging them to reach their full God given potential. www.soldouttv.com

President & CEO of Tonerra, Author

Dr. Diane Hamilton

Dr. Diane Hamilton is the Founder and CEO of Tonerra, a consulting and media-based business. She is a nationally syndicated radio host, keynote speaker, and the former MBA Program Chair at the Forbes School of Business and Technology. She has a history of award-winning performance, decades of top performance within billion-dollar organizations, developer of partnerships, a seasoned professional within education, software, banking, real estate, and pharmaceuticals industries.

Dr. Diane Hamilton has authored multiple books required in universities worldwide, including Cracking the Curiosity Code: The Key to Unlocking Human Potential and The Power of Perception: Eliminating Boundaries to Create Successful Global Leaders. She is the creator of the Curiosity Code Index® assessment, the first and only assessment that determines the factors that inhibit curiosity, and the Perception Power Index, which determines the factors that impact the perception process. Her groundbreaking work helps organizations improve innovation, engagement, and productivity. Thinkers50 Radar, considered the Academy Awards for Leadership, chose her as one of the top minds in management and leadership. She was named to Global Leaders Today’s list of top global leaders. LeadersHum included her on their list of 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership and the Top 10 Most Powerful Women Leaders in HR.

President & CEO of Executive Next Practices Institute, Nextworks Strategy

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton is a well-known thought leader, advisor & keynote speaker in the field of strategy & innovation for Global 500 through mid-market companies. In his prior role as an internal corporate leader, he held key marketing, strategy, human resources, and organization effectiveness roles for such companies as Nestle, Bergen Brunswig, Honeywell, ARAMARK, Golden State Foods & DirecTV.  

Today Scott and his team of Nextworks Strategy partners provide executive and organizational programs around strategic planning & execution, internal innovation methods, performance management improvement and the pioneering use of “collective intelligence” alignment. Hamilton is also CEO of the Executive Next Practices Institute, a global enterprise level innovation & forum organization that is based at UCI Beall Applied Innovation.

Legal Scholar, Expert in International Arbitration, Advisor for NAFTA, SUNSGLOW, and many Law Schools Worldwide, Author

Dr. Basem El Hendawy

Dr. El Hendawy is a legal and judicial scholar and is an award winner of “Who’s Who in America” for the Excellence in Law and Legal Education. He was the second S.J.D. (Ph.D.) graduate in International Trade & Business Law from the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law.

Alongside his work as a distinguished legal educator, Dr. El Hendawy excels as an Associate and Advisor for SUNSGLOW, (The Center for) “‘the Study of the United Nations Systems and the Global Legal Order”, which was launched to foster the globalization of the rule of law. He is additionally active as a secretary of the Middle East Rule of Law Dialogue Planning Committee. Dr. El Hendawy is also affiliated with the NatLaw (National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade), supporting the governments of the Americas in the development of standard practices of certain aspects of NAFTA.

Dr. El Hendawy has taught at several legal and judicial institutions worldwide and has conducted training in International Arbitration in Commercial Disputes. He has also written in international trade, specifically International Letters of Credit: Resolving Conflict of Law Disputes, and The Buyer’s Right to Monetary Relief Under the CISG, which was translated into the primary languages of the United Nations. Dr. El Hendawy is a member of the New York State Bar Association as well as the International Bar Association.

Founder – Pro Education Group (PEG), International Education Corporation (IEC), UEI Colleges, Study America, and American Heritage College

Abdi Lajevardi

Dr. Abdi Lajevardi founded Pro Education Group (PEG) as a boutique educational consulting firm for K-12 and Higher Education. PEG has been at the forefront of Educational Marketing, Recruitment, Student Enrollment, Licensing & Accreditation, Staffing, Funding, and Mergers & Acquisitions. The inception of the group was a result of the demand and increasing need for additional educational options in the educational landscape. One of the critical elements to our success since the beginning has been the team of dedicated Professional Knowledge Brokers on staff, who pride themselves with having the ability to stand out as a leader in this area.

Abdi’s formal education includes engineering, business, and professional competencies. He has over 25 years of experience in education, establishing International Education Corporation (IEC), UEI Colleges, Study America and American Heritage College. He established Fairmont Private School in Orange County, CA and served as its COO (K-12). Abdi has served as a commissioner with the Accrediting Council For Continuing Education & Training for six years and on accreditation visiting team to more than 50 colleges & universities.

Founder – Systemic Diversity and Inclusion Group (SDIG)

Dr. Joseph Nwoye

Founder – Systemic Diversity and Inclusion Group Company (SDIG), a successful company supported by diverse minority groups and allies from professions that span Education, Human Resources, Military, Media and Small Business Owners with extensive Global Diversity, Equality and Inclusion experience. Focus on using collective knowledge for good to create harmony, equity, and fairer outcomes for global people and organizations.

President & CEO of Peregrine Global Services, Author, US Army Veteran

Dr. Olin Oedekoven

Peregrine provides programmatic assessment services, online instructional modules used to develop business acumen and essential soft skills, and a variety of leadership development services. Dr. Oedekoven founded the organization in 2004 and today, he leads a global enterprise with operations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Dr. Oedekoven has co-authored four books on leadership including Leading Organizations, Hiring, Leadership Foundations, and Leadership Essentials. He has also published numerous articles on leadership, higher education, and business management. Dr. Oedekoven is a Fulbright Specialist, and he teaches doctoral-level courses for a university in Switzerland and masters-level courses for universities in Poland.

Brigadier General (Retired) Oedekoven served in a variety of staff and command positions during his 33-year military career with the US Army, the Army Reserves, and the Wyoming National Guard. In his last assignment, General Oedekoven was the Deputy Adjutant General for Wyoming. Throughout his military career, Dr. Oedekoven completed several advanced programs on leadership, human resource management, international affairs, conflict management, and diplomacy.

Decorated Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, Works With Synergy LI, Univ. of NM, Univ of the Rockies, and Assoc. Depts: DOD, Navy, Homeland Security, US Secret Service, Federal Aviation Administration

Dr. Karen Walker

Dr. Walker is a well decorated United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel. Her smile and charming personality will reign in any small crowd. However, it is her voice that captivates so many as they are astonished how she commands respect with her introspective soft-spoken tone. Before you know it, you’ve learned something new and it was a pleasant experience. Dr. Walker is an expert in organizational psychology, and she is an advocate for diversity and change.

Dr. Walker has an extensive background in government and corporate industries as well as academia as she has worked with: the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service, Federal Aviation Administration, Synergy Learning Institute, Final Notice Investigative Services Group, University of New Mexico, and University of the Rockies.

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