About Envisage Global

Envisage Global provides high-demand skills courses that are assessed by our University partners for college credit through a process called Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). Through these University alliances, Envisage Global brings together industry experts and educational opportunities for anyone wishing to gain new skills and advance their education.  As a result, many certificates earned through Envisage Global can also be applied as academic credit toward our University partner undergraduate degree programs.

Envisage Global is unique by virtue of its relationships with industry experts as well as its affiliation with University partners. The trends are clear: ancillary to degree programs, a significant number of learners are seeking certificates, certifications, and badges that can be immediately applied to achieve career and personal goals.

Envisage Global is well positioned to meet the skill development needs industry requires of employees, and students desire to differentiate themselves. Our strategic partnership with best-in-class industry experts and University academics, enhances our quality and provides education options consistent with near-term demand for practical application of academic theory.

Meet The Envisage Global Team

Envisage Global Leadership

President, CEO & Founder

Dr. Ray Powers

Dr. Ray Powers has extensive practitioner experience as well as notable academic credentials, and is the President and CEO of Envisage Global.  Envisage is the parent company to the Knowledge Innovation Center (KIC) and Envisage International.  Jointly they provide a broad range of “continuing education” and “work force development” options for individual learners, large corporate training initiatives, and international training collaboration.  Strategic alliances with universities, curriculum development entities, and world class training partners, provides current and relevant practical application of academic theory to the benefit of both individuals and enterprise.  Training options are independently evaluated for college credit equivalency, allowing for delivery of high-quality and uniquely differentiated certificates, certifications, and badges.

Executive Vice President, Curriculum Development & Partner Relations

Dr. Paula Zobisch

My business and academic backgrounds bring a wealth of experience I love sharing with students. Whether working with corporate managers, employees or students, the most exciting and fulfilling part of any of my jobs is the ability to help each person reach a little closer to their dreams and goals.

Credentials & Work History:

Ph.D. Education (Adult), Master in Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Marketing; and Master of Arts in Organizational Development & Leadership with a specialization in Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Director of Marketing for a 3M Distributor for 12 years; Program Director for an undergraduate entrepreneurship degree; U. S. Army Veteran

Executive Vice President, Operations & Corporate Relations

Amanda Jones

I proudly wear my “Jane of all Trades” badge with my vast array of experience that I bring in my Operations and Corporate Relations role. In my experience, I go by the philosophy of “anything is possible.” Those who know me, have seen that I will do everything in my power to put all great ideas into action.

Credentials & Work History:

BA Justice Studies – Arizona State University, MBA specialization in Finance -Ashford University, Master of Accountancy (pursuing) – University of Arizona Global Campus

Manager of Operations, Zovio Employer Services; Corporate Partnerships, Bridgepoint Education – 2 years; Academics, Ashford University and University of Phoenix; Accountant; also worked in healthcare, real estate, restaurant and retail.