Using LinkedIn as a Sales Resource


ALLIANCE PARTNER: Hospitality Softnet

This course is designed to educate your team on how to set up and use LinkedIn in an effective manner to get results. This resource can be a valuable tool to a sales person when they are properly prepared with a good foundation for social media networking.


There are millions of users in over 200 countries and territories using LinkedIn. This professional networking site is a vital tool in uncovering prospects and building relationships. LinkedIn was created to be a communication medium for professional people. Knowing how to make the most of this site to use as a sales resource in your sales efforts can shorten your sales cycle and give your hotel and yourself invaluable exposure at no additional cost in marketing dollars. This course is designed to educate your team on how to use LinkedIn in order to get results when building relationships, identifying new business, and having a strong business presence.

Topics covered in Using LinkedIn as a Sales Resource:

  • What LinkedIn is and why it can be beneficial in participating.
  • What is necessary in order to gain results from joining LinkedIn.
  • How to develop a great profile to set the stage for success.
  • The key do’s and don’ts in creating your LinkedIn profile.
  • Ideas on how to build a strong network.
  • A review of the important social networking etiquette in order to gain results from LinkedIn.
  • How establishing goals in writing and having a strategy to achieve these goals will increase results.
  • Additional tips will be provided on how to further expand your network of connections.
  • How to create and set up a Company Page.
  • Ideas on creating an Ad Campaign within LinkedIn, which can be a viable resource for the hotel.

Belhaven University PLA Credits Assessed: 4*

*Must complete all 12 modules by Hospitality Softnet to receive all 4 assessed credits

Note: there is a maximum number of PLA credits that may be applied toward a degree program.  Refer to the Belhaven University website for the latest on PLA policies.