Roger Love’s Speaking Pro



Speaking Pro, an exclusive training system by Roger Love, teaches you how to apply “pro level” techniques to your communications on multiple platforms. These include the stage, meeting rooms, in person, on video, at networking events, on podcasts, webcasts, being interviewed and more.


Your voice. Your message. Your story. Your passion. They all matter. And the success of every single one hinges on your ability to communicate in the most powerful, effective, and emotional way.

Speaking Pro will dramatically improve your ability to influence any audience and generate the emotions you want them to have.

This advanced training (The Perfect Voice is a pre-requisite) provides detailed video instruction on the “pro level techniques” that you won’t find anywhere else. As an example:

“How do I move on stage during my talk?”

“What voice techniques should I use in virtual meetings to keep people engaged?”

“How do I give an amazing interview without outshining my host?”

  • “What should I do with my hands when I present?”“Where should I look (and NOT look) when I’m on camera?”These are the same techniques Roger Love has taught to some of the most powerful and successful speakers in the world like Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek and Brendon Burchard, as well as actors such as Bradley Cooper, Reese Witherspoon, Jeff Bridges and Keira Knightly.Speaking Pro is unlike any other business communications program. It teaches you the techniques that actually separate the great communicators from everyone else… their ability to influence others, create powerful emotions, and control the way they are perceived. With that ability, you can predetermine the outcome of every speech, presentation, pitch or video.Course Objectives:
    • Introduce learners to six highly effective methods of delivering your message.
    • Recognize how the most powerful speakers in the world apply Speaking Pro techniques.
    • Learn how to apply Speaking Pro to your communication and marketing strategies.
    • Analyze how the six areas of Speaking Pro replaces outdated voice and influence concepts.
    • Recognize the power of the correct sounds to create emotional connections.
    • Leverage your audio and visual content (pre-recorded or live) so that it maximizes its objectives.
    • Develop the power to move your audiences emotionally.
    • Gain a higher understanding of what influence is and how to leverage it to your advantage.

    Course Duration

    15 hours with the ability to start/stop/return at any time.

Belhaven University PLA Credits Assessed: 1

*Note: there is a maximum number of PLA credits that may be applied toward a degree program.  Refer to the Belhaven University website for the latest on PLA policies.