Overcoming Objections to Win the Sale


ALLIANCE PARTNER: Hospitality Softnet

With today’s competitive environment most sales people are competing with other hotels to win the sale. Having the ability to successfully overcome objections is essential in order to avoid losing business to aggressive competitors.


Objections are a part of selling regardless of economic conditions. Having strong skills to effectively overcome objections is essential to ultimately winning the sale. This course will provide tips on how to lay the groundwork to work through concerns successfully. It will address the steps of overcoming an objection and will review a many different strategies that can be deployed when negotiating. Win-win solutions will be addressed including what they are and how to maintain them. Also included is the issue of Price integrity and why to maintain it. All these skills will help lead the way to increasing closure rates.

Topics Covered

  • Why customers object
  • The steps to respond to an objection
  • Reasons customers object to pricing
  • Nine different strategies to overcome the objection
  • Tips when responding to price objections due to budget
  • Win-win solutions
  • Price integrity
  • Dealing with objections due to the competition’s pricing
  • Before moving on to the Close

Belhaven University PLA Credits Assessed: 4*

*Must complete all 12 modules by Hospitality Softnet to receive all 4 assessed credits

Note: there is a maximum number of PLA credits that may be applied toward a degree program.  Refer to the Belhaven University website for the latest on PLA policies.