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Systemic Diversity & Inclusion Group

SDIG is an organization that encourages cross-cultural learning through action that provides a safe, open, inclusive engagement and awareness generation on issues of diversity and inclusion. We create individual and group learning through our posts, shared stories, debates, hosted webinars, discussions, and training with a focus on the exploration of individuals and cultural belief systems that, by and large, drive human behaviors. During our state-of-the-art diversity and inclusion training, we encourage behaviors consistent with the golden rule principles while vigorously transforming behaviors contrary to the golden rule principles, such as those driven by hate and inequities.

SDIG is a professional engagement and networking platform on LinkedIn that brings people from various cultures, countries, ethnicities, gender, sexual orientations, global locations, religion, socioeconomic statuses, ages, disabilities, and private and public institutions (among others). Together, we engage institutions to learn and share ideas, lived experiences, and the latest research and studies on effective diversity and inclusion, guiding organizations toward opportunities in ways that are consistent with the ethical code of conduct through policies and practices.

At SDIG, you will be exposed to many projects at home and abroad, including beautiful places for educational, recreational purposes, and business ventures. In addition, SDIG facilitates projects that increase culturally responsive thinking, create global engagement to amplify the voices of under-represented groups and promote inclusive learning through our curated collection of diverse online self-education learning resources. SDIG believes in making learning inclusive and thus raising social consciousness, improving individual and community inclusivity, and strengthening their cross-cultural competencies through the power of multiple stories.