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IMPACT Learning Institute, LLC

IMPACT’s Learning and Training Programs educate, train, coach, and connect aspiring professionals to influential individuals, premier companies, and sought-after career opportunities in the Sports, Entertainment, and Media industries. Programs are offered online and in person throughout the year.

Our expert-informed, specialized courses with the Knowledge Innovation Center maximize the real-world experiences of our instructors to provide students with practical lessons that enable them to stand out amongst their peers and lay a formidable foundation for future success. Within each course, there is invaluable first-hand insight into our instructors’ fields of expertise that excel professional development, enhance personal growth, and instill life-long leadership skills.

Our Professional Development Program hosted by UCLA Anderson Center for Management of Enterprise in Media, Entertainment, and Sports (MEMES) combines educational classroom programming, hands-on mentoring and coaching, internship opportunities, and unparalleled access to real-world work experience in the Sports, Entertainment, and Media industries.

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