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Healthy Learning Cultures

Our Mission: To connect our clients to their true purpose of their profession, improving outcomes and revolutionizing the American Education Philosophy with the focus on the education of the Whole Child.

Our Vision: Connect…Empower…Inspire

We are educational experts in the fields of staff development, education, student achievement, increased proficiency, and the integration of health and wellness into schools, businesses, and organizations. We have worked with several local, state, national and government agencies. Our very first program was funded and supported by the NCAA FINAL FOUR in 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona! The mission aligned with the NCAA’s vision of improving student achievement and physical health. The program instructed teachers and administrators in the most current methodology for integrating physical activity, health, and wellness into the core curriculum. The program is our trademarked name is entitled Minutes Out of Your Seat (You can witness the contest live on Facebook Groups titled “Minutes Out of Your Seat”)!

Our team consists of highly recognized professionals and can be found at “Our Team” tab. Collectively our Healthy Learning Cultures Team has published over 100 books, trained adults and young adults in districts across the US. We have presented at multiple national educational conferences, have been recognized by multiple agencies as national experts for excellence in the field of education and health and wellness. We have written college level curriculum for major University’s and State Departments, as well as programing being implemented with young students globally. Our team has achieved the highest degrees in educational leadership, social and emotional learning, nutrition, physical education and curriculum development. Having current building principals, former college professors, and national board teachers give our company that boots on the ground support companies strive for in trainings.