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Association for Leadership Practitioners

Association for Leadership Practitioners is dedicated to management and leadership growth for entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses, and non-profits. With targeted results, ALP provides developmental programs that optimize process effectiveness and maximize strategies to catapult results. Practitioner-based programs include virtual courses intended for managers and leaders spanning a variety of experience. All programs incorporate a culture of coaching.

Virtual Leadership or Management Course: intended for leaders and/or top management. Practitioner-based. Designed to be completed in 10 weeks; e-book to accompany modules. Facilitator available for support. Live supplemental classes available.

Introduction to Management: intended for new managers or managers who have not had any formal, practitioner-based training. Introduce, study, and apply fundamental, effectual management practices to improve organizational, management, and employee effectiveness. Designed to be completed as a 9-month program, with one module completed per month. Facilitator manages progress, accountability, review, etc. and available for one-on-one coaching. Intended to integrate day-to-day responsibilities as part of the curriculum. Supplemental resources provided. Accelerated program available.

Foundations of Leadership: intended for new leaders or leaders without any formal practitioner-based training. Foundation involves the practice of transformational, situational, and servant approaches to leadership presented as a practice, rather than theory. Same standard design as Intro to Management, as material is intended to be used, exercised, and reported as part of day-to-day operations. Supplemental resources included. Facilitator manages progress, etc. and available for one-on-one coaching.

Enhanced Leadership: intended for seasoned leaders who desire to improve leadership presence. Designed to meet the specific needs of the leader/company (i.e. strategic-based, issues with direct reports/staff, inability to lead most effectually, etc.); ideal for leaders who wish to be more successful. Supplemental resources provided. Program may include more comprehensive analysis, such as interviewing staff, review company KPIs, etc. to garner a holistic view.

ALPs Leaders Group: intended for C-Suite participants and/or top management (separate groups). Monthly group meetings with a formal issue processing format. Participants are expected to be prepared, participate, and walk away with a round-table of professional recommendations. Following meetings integrate accountability updates, action plans, and progress reports. High level of commitment required. Supplemental resources provided on a continual basis. Minimum return: 3x higher success rate. Continuous program; high retention rate.

Innermetrix DISC, Attributes, & Values Assessments: assessments are available and used as part of any/all programs or as a stand-alone. Ideal tool for continuous development; designed to unveil blind spots that impact performance. Used inter-organizationally as management/leader developmental programs, grooming, and/or coaching, insomuch as a foundation for performance reviews. Facilitator debrief included.