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101 Financial

Find out what you’re missing about building your best financial life.

Simple secrets and simple actions you can take today to maximize your take home pay.

It starts with our financial freedom “99 Course.”

You’ll master the secrets of:

    1. Organizing your finances
    2. Boosting your cash flow
    3. Creating or supercharging your strategic savings plan
    4. Improving your credit score

All with a personal financial fitness coach!

Become the master of your finances. Don’t let your money control you. Build financial success – what do you want in your life?

A new car, home, to get out of debt, go to school, plan for a vacation?

The bite of inflation is here for 2022. We show you the steps to financial success – one at a time.

The first step is – Sign up Today.

101 Financial Saves People From Money Problems and Builds Dreams.

Concern #1: Worrying about not enough savings in the bank for that rainy day Concern #2: Losing sleep over not paying financial obligations like credit card bills Concern #3: Anxiety about not able to afford health insurance or paying medical bills ​Concern #4: Confused about how to handle credit wisely and overpaying high credit card rates ​Concern #5: Anxiety about losing a job and not surviving Concern #6: Fear that inflation will eat your money away

Simple tools, easy calculators all with a guided personal “Financial Fitness” Coach.

Here’s What We’re NOT

We’re not a credit counseling service like you see on late night TV. We’re also not a bank. ​We’re not here to sell mortgages. We’re also not one of those shady debt elimination companies. ​We’re not a bi-weekly payment plan service. We’re also not a multi-level marketing company. ​We’re not a stockbroker. We don’t even handle retirement plans or give stock tips.

What we ARE

We do give you the tools you need to take control of your financial life. We work with adults between ages 18 to 80. We’ve been doing this since 2002, over 18 years in business and have over 45,000 happy students. ​We have more than 1,000 coaches who work for us, to help us help people just like you, to live lives of financial peace of mind.

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