Learn HOW to Learn What You WANT to Learn


ALLIANCE PARTNER: Synergy Learning Institute

Identifying learning techniques that will help you succeed in your career path.


Since the first day of kindergarten, at the impressionable age of five, we have been molded to receive information ABOUT a particular subject.  That subject was presented by a teacher, who put their personal touch on the main points that would need to be understood by the end of the lesson.  A room of twenty to thirty students were all provided the same information, with the same delivery, with the only deflection coming in sparce questions, timidly asked in fear of upsetting the authoritative figure in the room. How do I know this is true of your educational experience?  I know this is true because it has been done the same way since the beginning of time. I have been through it; your parents have been through it and now you are trying to figure out how you are going to get through another class and remember everything there is to know. BUT there is one problem….. we have never been taught HOW to learn.  We have not intentionally used “Learning” as the subject and taught student’s how to use this skillset to set them up for success in the comprehension of how to perceive and retain information about a particular subject.

This course leverages your passion and teaches you how to have higher retention, more effective knowledge application with self-awareness and self-assessment.  The are also useful tools and tips to assist you in your lifelong learning, forever student mindset.

Key Topics

  • Understanding learning strategies
  • Comprehension how to leverage passion
  • Defining tools for research, data collection, note taking
  • Becoming a Life-long Forever Student

Course Duration

8 Week Course with the ability to start/stop/return at any time.

Recommended Participants

  • Any & All Students