Introduction to Construction Management Program Certification


ALLIANCE PARTNER: Synergy Learning Institute

Determining if a Construction Career is for you and if so, which direction should you go and where do you start.


Construction Management Online is a program that allows the student to continue working on important hands-on skills out in the Construction field while honing their administrative and management skills online in their own time. This program provides insight to what happens behind the scenes on a large construction project, detailing construction processes from commencement to completion and the people who make it happen.  Students will have a real-world view of the different roles of the primary team players and have a better understanding of the opportunities available to them and the necessary steps to earn those career promotions.

This course introduces several different paths into the construction industry to help the student determine which would best fit with their current experience and where they want to go with their education to align career goals within the Construction Industry.  What makes this program different is the focus on the alignment of personal & professional balance and how skillset transition can literally prepare anyone to enter the Construction Management Industry as a potential career path.

Key Topics

  • Understanding the evolution of Construction & Construction Management
  • Comprehension of different available career entry points
  • Defining different opportunities within the Construction Industry
  • Developing familiarity with basic construction methods, the construction process, and sequences used in construction.

Course Duration

8 Week Course with the ability to start/stop/return at any time.

Recommended Participants

  • Career Discovery
  • Administration Assistants, Field Engineers, Office Managers
  • Project & Construction Managers
  • Those transitioning from Onsite Work to Management
  • Those unsure of career direction