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Steinberg Sports Academy

Coming 2024

Steinberg Sports Academy

Coming 2024


There is no question that our children deserve access
to the highest quality education possible.

The “Steinberg Sports Academy” has established the goal of becoming the new prestigious “destination of choice” for excellence in every aspect of an adolescent’s high school developmental and educational journey.
Envisage Global, Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, and Legacy Sports USA, have joined forces to establish a shared vision of providing a superior alternative to the traditional education environment, delivering an elite educational experience at the highest levels in academics, sports, and personal development. This collaboration of excellence in sports and academia provides a unique set of complementary core competencies unmatched by any high school in the nation.  It combines collegiate concepts such as critical thinking, cognitive dissonance, decision making skills, leadership, and entrepreneurship, with traditional academic core, to better prepare young learners for personal and enterprise success.
With an emphasis on the “whole student”, the Academy provides learners with the guidance, support, and tools to achieve unique individualized stretch objectives.

The concept provides “practical application of academic theory” reinforced by the relationship with a regionally accredited University, major league sports organizations, successful executives and celebrity mentors and coaches, collaboration with industry leaders, opportunities for internships providing real-world experiences, and a variety of other innovative opportunities designed to enhance student learning and development.

The Academy provides a path to distinction in every discipline, from sports, to business competencies, to the arts and sciences, and technology careers. The vision is strengthened by a quality-driven appreciation for “next generation” learning, community involvement, a willingness to leverage an expanding collaborative approach, and academic leadership that respects traditional scholarly principles while adapting to the changing dynamics that shape new educational options.  Part of the solution is an emphasis on STEM concepts (science, technology, engineering & math), which are integrated as appropriate throughout the curricula.

The school year is projected to begin in August 3, 2023 for online enrollment and on-site enrollment for our Mesa, AZ location in August, 2024. Applications are currently accepted for grades 9 through 12 by calling 800- 492-5288 or by completing the sign-up form.

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