Where do I go from here?  What do I want in life?

I have found myself asking these 2 questions for over a decade…  At the start of my career, I have always believed in the value of higher education and the opportunities that it has provided me.  This innate belief is why I stuck with my career in the higher education sector for over 15 years.  However, I kept losing my passion in my work and could not seem to understand why. 

The source of the problem may have been that I moved through various roles in traditional education institutions for several years.  It could also be that I never felt like I was reaching my full potential.  I found that I could not get past entry-level to mid-level positions. 

One of my employers finally informed me that my lack of progression was due to a skills gap that I would need to fill in order to level up but I could not juggle full time work and pursuing another degree at the same time.  Inevitably, I lost sight of the core purpose of higher education and the dreams that it fulfills for our students and alumni.  I was lost and moments away from switching industries… 

That was when Dr. Ray Powers introduced me to the Envisage Global initiative.  I believe in the approach that Dr. Powers has taken to bring best-in-class experts together in one place (Envisage Global) to provide the highest quality continuing education solutions that are made available to individuals and corporations across the globe.  Envisage invigorated my whole perspective on what higher education could be and turned my life’s ambitions in higher education right-side up. 

If you feel lost or stuck in your continuing education goals, please do not hesitate to share!  We are confident that we can find you a solution that will meet your goals, whether it is in our existing course portfolio or the development of a new course.

-Amanda Jones, Executive Vice President of Operations and Corporate Relations

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