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Prepare yourself for your next job, promotion, raise, wage negotiation, or business by understanding where your value comes from and how you can maximize it. In this book you will discover: 
– How you can uncover and develop your skills and aptitudes. 
– How you can get paid top-dollar for your skill set. 
– How you can create opportunities instead of relying on luck 
– How you can move your life forward with confidence. 

Instructor US Navy Veteran, franchise consultant, commercial real estate broker, business broker, entrepreneur, engineer, author. Joel Stewart has worn many hats during his life’s journey. Most recently Joel has focused his efforts on representing US franchise interests overseas, working with US Embassies and the international America Chamber of Commerce, and helping others in any way he can to escape “Career Prison”. 

Key Topics:

  • How can you uncover and develop you skills and aptitudes 
  • How can you get paid top dollar for your skill set 
  • How can you create opportunities instead of relying on luck? 
  • How can you move your life forward with confidence