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A salesperson can have fantastic selling skills.  However, these skills will not produce results if the salesperson is not well prepared and does not have strong time management skills in place.  With good time management skills a salesperson is in control of their time, their life, and can better control the stress of business.  The important skills taught here help become highly efficient, by showing how to identify and focus on the sales activities that will give the greatest returns.  By having effective time management skills, it will save time, helping a salesperson work smarter, not harder.

´╗┐Topics covered in Time Management for the Successful Salesperson:

  • How to have a strong foundation in place in the area of time management and organizational skills.
  • You will gain insight on how to do some self evaluation in this area and establish goals for yourself.
  • Gain tips on the importance of both short term and long term goals.
  • Learn common time-wasters and how to avoid them.
  • How to control your email vs. letting it control you.
  • Use of a SMOD system (Sales Manage on Duty) and a “Selling in Process” system.
  • How to create and utilize an effective schedule.
  • Use of the Selling Window and tools to help keep you on track.
  • How to create a Plan of Action and utilize To Do Lists.
  • Detailed steps on how to create effective Call goals and Booking goals.´╗┐