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Training Implementation Services

PRICE: $995

Most salespeople are familiar with the “what” and the “why” of selling but that’s not always enough. It’s understanding the “how” that elevates one to Top Performer status – the top 20% of the salesforce who generate 80% of the business.

The average salesperson is either unaware of or avoids the steps it takes to get to the top. This Solution Based Selling course explores the “how” portion of the process. So, whether you are planning to go into sales, are new to the industry or have years under your belt, you will understand what it takes to become a Top performer in a challenging but extremely rewarding career.

Key Topics:

What Do You Know About…? (Value Proposition, Elevator Speech, and Initial Interview Template)

Building Your Clientele (Prospecting approaches that fit your business model)

Working Through Intermediaries (Building partnerships with indirect channels)

The Initial Interview (Making the first and most critical sale – YOU)

Factfinding (This is where the sale is made)

Product Knowledge (Selling value and protecting your price)

Solution Implementation (Making your case and closing the sale)

Sales Activity and Goal Setting (Building your pipeline and keeping it full)

This course is a hybrid of self-paced modules and live online coaching sessions.  Start dates are TBD. Please be prepared for a time commitment of 4-5 hours per week (including a one-hour instructor led session) for 8 weeks plus an orientation session and a one-on-one oral certification.