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Eastern Weddings, also referred to as Indian Weddings, is a segment that can provide significant revenue.  Many venues would like to gain more if this business.  This course helps educate the salesperson on the very unique nuances and aspects of Eastern Weddings.  A salesperson who is knowledgeable about this market and also shows that they understand the special needs of this customer will help them effectively sell the prospect on choosing their facility for their wedding.  This training can help outsell the competition as a result.  If your goal is to have an experienced sales professional that can have the skills and knowledge needed to bring more Eastern Wedding Business to your facility, this course will help achieve this objective.

Topics covered in Selling to the Eastern Wedding Market

  • The 3 different sects that make up the Eastern Wedding Market including: Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim.
  • The space requirements and special needs of the Eastern Wedding Market in general.
  • Special considerations that a salesperson needs to be aware of before committing space to an inquiry.
  • The specific customs and overview of the beliefs of each of the individual religious sects of Hindu, Sikh´╗┐, and Muslim.  Some are the same for each sect and some are distinct to the specific sect.
  • An explanation of the various traditions, customs, and ceremonies for each of the religious sects and the associated requirements the hotel would need to be able to meet.
  • The special space requirements for each sect as a result of their customs and special ceremonies.
  • Logistical issues to be aware of as an example, use of fire, the Baraat, gender issues, prayer rooms.
  • Tips in terms of negotiations.
  • Issues relating to specific food and beverage needs.