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With the ever changing economy and competitive set, it is crucial for a salesperson to be very comfortable with selling against their competitors in a positive manner.  This course will provide insight on what needs to be in place to be able to outsell the competition.  It also teaches how to develop and then implement strategies to sell against the competition to win the business.

Topics covered in Selling Against the Competition to Win the Sale

  • The importance of laying the foundation to create and implement strategies by
    • Thoroughly knowing your own product
    • Knowing the competition as well as you know your own product
    • Knowing the market conditions as they are “today”
  • The specifics on what areas to fully research and understand within the product, the competition, and the market conditions
  • Tips on steps to take to thoroughly understand the competition’s product and the market conditions on an ongoing basis
  • How to develop a strategy for each competitor
  • The phases of creating a strategy for each competitor
  • How to implement the strategies successfully to ensure they are effective
  • Ideas on different strategies to deploy or incorporate into the sales team’s approach