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In business, your audience will not be a collection of two dimensional beings, but instead will be filled with individuals who will each have their own set of emotional motivations. When you tap into these emotional motivations… you win.

This transformative journey is divided into three parts. First off, to prepare your initial understanding of how to mobilize and cultivate a following you will be introduced to the EQ Communications video course, which will provide priceless information and advice brought to you by industry expert and New York Times bestseller, Kevin Allen. Next, you will be tasked to complete a self directed course in order to deepen your understanding, provide guidance and inspire you to unlock your full potential. Your journey will then come to a triumphant close with E.I. Games’ award winning Communications simulation. In this insightful, intriguing and award-winning game, you will put to use concepts you have already learned, while gaining more knowledge along the way.

Your understanding of all of these underlying ideas is your key to mobilizing and understanding your audience, while creating a following in your journey to becoming a successful individual.

Key topics

  • ​How to get in touch with your customer’s emotional motivation and create a deeper and more productive relationship.
  • How to understand the customer’s personality characteristics and use our unique Four Box Profile Model to spot and create the right “closing dialogue.”
  • How to turn objections to your advantage and negotiate your way to winning the business.
  • How to put together a winning presentation that sells against your competition and makes you the only true choice.