MBA Business Academy

PRICE: $97

Inspire your Mind, Generate New Ideas, & Voice Your Authentic Message Powerfully

After completing this course, ideas will flow through your mind quickly and easily. You will learn how to recharge your brain and generate new ideas and how to take a break when your mind is stuck. You will be able to start on projects, brainstorm, outline, and follow through with your writing. After you complete this course, you will be energized, excited, and have a new zeal for writing. You will be able to get your story started and be enthusiastic about finishing it. You will start, write, and complete your report or writing project in record time. We also include some fabulous bonus materials that you can keep for future reference.

This course is designed for both writers and non-writers who want to communicate clearly on paper or digitally with their verbal voice. This course is ideal for teachers who are creating lesson plans, instructors preparing curricula, business people delivering speeches, and project managers writing reports. It’s designed for business professionals, aspiring authors, college students researching essays, and anyone who needs to write anything. This is not for advanced authors or everyday writers. This is for folks who need help clearing writer’s block and getting started.

The instructor is Regina P. Brown. The course narrator is C. Merirei Ongelungel, a professional voice talent from Hawaii. She is also a popular radio show host.