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This market segment is often an important source of business for the hospitality industry.  Understanding the needs and customs of this segment will help a manager better relate to their prospects and customers and build rapport with them.  This knowledge will also enable them to more effectively sell and present to their special needs.  The end result is increased closure rates.

Topics covered in Selling to the Jewish Market

  • Customs and traditions for the Jewish wedding market and details of the pre-ceremony celebrations.
  • Different vocabulary and terms associated with this market segment.
  • Ceremony procession and wedding procession and how the seating arrangements typically work.
  • Details of the reception and how the seating arrangements work for this event and special considerations to keep in mind.
  • Understanding bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs as well as the unique customs and etiquette associated with them.
  • Details on the Shabbat and the Haftorah as well as on the seudat mitzvah and the special space requirements associated with it.
  • Information on the ´╗┐yarmulkes including what they are and how they are used.
  • Insight on the ceremonial cutting of the challah bread as well as the special candle lighting ceremony and traditions such as the special toast and the possibility of including a hora at the event.
  • We will explain what the definition of kosher food is and kosher laws regarding meeting, poultry, fruit and vegetables.
  • The guidelines in creating a kosher food service environment and items to be aware of when working with kosher caterers and outside food resource options.
  • Ideas on how to build more bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah business.