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For hotels that do not have a sales team in place or have a limited sales team the General Manager and the Front Desk Team often are put in the position to handle incoming inquiries for group business or volume travel.  In today’s competitive marketplace it is essential to maximize each and every incoming opportunity to gain more business and increase revenues.  This course provides the team with the tools to successfully handle the inquiries, outsell their competition and book the business.

´╗┐Topics covered in Sales Leadership:  Handling Group Inquiries for the GM and Front Desk

  • Overview of the Steps of the Sales Process
  • Effective Qualifying Skills to obtain the essential information needed
  • Use of open and closed ended questions
  • Use of a Script Guideline
  • Transitioning the inquiry from the Front Desk to the GM
  • How to effectively Present the hotel to outsell the competition
  • Use of Features and Benefits
  • Impact tone of voice and speaking style has on the presentation
  • Closing skills to finalize the sale
  • Effective follow-up including samples of proposals and contracts