Viewing Category: Professional Development

Social Issues in Disaster Management

During this course students will learn to recognize and integrate the issues of gender, class, ethnicity and race into disaster management planning.

PRICE: $600

BUY-104 Closing Escrow with your Buyer Clients

5 out of 5 in the Buyer Series – You have spent a lot of time getting leads, finding buyers, screening them, showing them houses, educating them on the process, writing offers, and negotiating offers. Now it’s time to close escrow.

PRICE: $79

BUY-103 House Shopping & Writing Offers for Buyers

4 out of 5 in the Buyer Series – Once you have found a place your buyer wants to put in an offer for this section will help you write your offer. This section will go over all the items in their offer you want to pay attention to.

PRICE: $79

BUY-102 Securing Buyer Clients

3 out of 5 in the Buyer Series – In this course we will look at strategies to get homebuyers as clients. This is crucial when filling up your pipeline.

PRICE: $59

BUY-101 First Steps of Representing Home Buyers

2 out of 5 in the Buyer Series – This course will give you an overview of representing a buyer, as well as help you set up the tools you will need.

PRICE: $39

BUY-100 Buyer Representation Overview

1 out of 5 in the Buyer Series – At RealtyPro Academy we want to equip real estate agents with the tools that are needed to be an excellent representative for your buyers.


LIST-104 Closing Escrow on your Listing

5 out of 5 in the Listing Series – How to get an escrow closed is a key skill you need to know as a real estate agent. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they sent referrals your way and recommended you to all their friends and family?

PRICE: $79

LIST-103 Receiving & Negotiating Offers on your Listing

4 out of 5 in the Listing Series – Now that you have listed the house and have been marketing the listing the offers are going to start to roll in. This course will break down everything about the offers.

PRICE: $79

LIST-102 Listing Contract & Marketing the Listing

3 out of 5 in the Listing Series – First, we start with the Listing Contract. Secondly, we show how to market the house.

PRICE: $59

LIST-101 First Steps to Listing a Property for Sale

2 out of 5 in the Listing Series – In the course we will go over what a listing agent is. We will dive into an agent’s duties. We will break this into official duties and practical duties.

PRICE: $39