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Super Sales Strategies

Reference for Retailers to Rock their Stores – These strategies work for any size retail company. Technology may change, but customer service will always remain the backbone of business success.

PRICE: $97

Buy Your First Home

A Basic Step-By-Step Guide for First Time Home Buyers – If your dream is go from renter to homeowner, you are in the right place. We will show you exactly how to get there.

PRICE: $197

Kids, Open Your Art Shop Today!

Create & Sell Your Handmade Crafts – This course is designed to be a simple guide for children ages 4 to 10 who want to create and sell their artistic crafts.

PRICE: $10

Create Your Custom eBook in a Day

Be a Published Author & Earn Money Sharing Your Message with Millions

PRICE: $997

Lease a Business Building

Negotiate the Best Deal for Your Company – This course is designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and independent contractors.

PRICE: $395

Brokerage STEP 12: Leadership & Legacy

Strengths-Based Leadership – Use your natural gifts & talents to lead your company to amazing success!

PRICE: $99

Brokerage STEP 11: Organization Development

Change Management & Group Dynamics – Organization Development is the art of creating culture through team building, resolving conflicts, and leading change.

PRICE: $99

Brokerage STEP 10: Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales covers the 4 Types of Marketing required for brokerages, as well as sales projections and calculations.

PRICE: $99

Brokerage STEP 9: Branding & Image

Branding & Image covers image, visibility, and customer perception of your company.

PRICE: $99

Brokerage STEP 8: Risk Management

Lower liability, reduce risk, and minimize exposure for your brokerage firm!

PRICE: $99