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Post Graduate Program in Blockchain

This post-graduate program in Blockchain is designed to help you master distributed ledger, Ethereum, solidity programming, and more.

PRICE: $1,316

Post Graduate Program in Big Data

This post-graduate program in Big Data lets you gain proficiency in Hadoop development, Spark, Python, Hadoop analysis, Hadoop administration, Apache Storm, NoSQL databases, Hadoop testing, Splunk Developer and Admin, and more.

PRICE: $1,499

Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence

This post-graduate program in Artificial Intelligence will help you become competent in various aspects of AI, such as Machine Learning with Python, Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning with TensorFlow, and several other advanced concepts, through real-time projects.

PRICE: $1,499

Post Graduate Program in AWS

This online program in AWS has been designed to make you proficient in AWS and related aspects like SysOps, AWS developer, AWS Cloud migration and many more.

PRICE: $1,499

Executive Leadership Certificate

You will learn exactly how to set people up for success and establish healthy culture, including what it really takes to keep people motivated. You will also level up your communication and teamwork.

PRICE: $2,995.00

Conflict Management

This course examines methods of resolving conflict experienced by Emergency Response and Risk Management Groups, Service Partners and members of the general public in risk critical situations.

PRICE: $600

Case Study Investigation

During this course, students will be provided with a range of case studies from different types of real-world emergencies.

PRICE: $600

Introduction to Financial Concepts of Emergency Services

This course is an introduction to the fiscal policies, procedures, and problems encountered in the administration of emergency service organizations — specifically governmental entities, non-profit, tax based and volunteer organizations.

PRICE: $600

Organizational Behavior

This course introduces organizational behavior, the social-scientific study of individuals and groups in work organizations. Built on findings from psychology, social-psychology, sociology, and cultural anthropology, this course examines employee motivation and job satisfaction, factors influencing levels of job performance and psychological dimensions of the work environment.

PRICE: $600

Major Emergency Management

During this course, students will learn to review, manage and assess the information available during an emergency situation in a timely manner to establish priorities and to take effective actions such as implementation of predetermined emergency response plans and procedures in the context of the current emergency being faced.

PRICE: $600